And Then He Created Relephants…

Welcome to our first post on Relephant Theatre. We are not bloggers. We are not particularly tech-savvy either (though Jessie pretends she is- silly girl). Then why have a blog for a website? Well, because it’s free. And because it’s fun. And because it gives us a chance to  tell you what you need to know about us and our projects.

So, welcome to our place.

Relephant Theatre was created thanks to a very fabulous blue couch.

A bit of history on the couch (for those of you who may care): It was purchased in 2005 at the Chemainus Rotary Charity Sale for $15. It was brought to a lovely little cottage where it lived until 2006. And then it was shoved in a van and moved to Vancouver. Where it has been ever since. Of special note: raising the value of the couch, one found doll still in packaging and a calendar of hot bikini babes from 1991. So the guy who sold Jessie the couch is probably kicking himself at the loss.

UPDATE MAY 2014: We sold the couch for $5 to a lady named Jen. She was really happy about it.

The importance of the couch: it ended up being a place where ideas grew (and pocket change collected). Most ideas started with “We should..”. Then one day it was “We are..”.

And so we are.


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