What we do

The mandate….

Relephant Theatre is an artist-run company dedicated to producing contemporary theatre not seen in Vancouver.  Our mission is to develop and nurture local playwrights by producing their work alongside the works of established writers.  Relephant Theatre chooses projects that have significant and demonstrable social bearing, but which present their themes through dialogue or story that is whimsical, chimerical* and entertaining.  We provide an environment that gives both the opportunity to up and coming talent to further their craft, and established professional artists to challenge their own creativity.

The name…

We like word games and could easily spend hours rolling around in puns until our fingers get pruny.

‘Relephant’ is a play off the word ‘relevant’. Then we chucked in  a whimsical twist.

*chimerical- 1 : existing only as the product of unchecked imagination : fantastically visionary or improbable 2 : given to fantastic schemes (like using the word ‘chimerical’ on a website).


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