The anatomy of a random photo shoot…

On Monday August1, in the midst of BC Day (a stat holiday in … BC!), we held our first read-through and photo shoot for our upcoming production of The Exquisite Hour. Director Julie and actors Nevada and Josue had an afternoon session of table work, and then after a quick dinner break it was time to get decked out for an early 60’s themed shoot that would be taking place around Granville Island.

On a day that the forest fire haze had decided to hang over head. And bugs were everywhere.

And we had to drag a fence with us. So far, so good.

Director Julie McIsaac checks out our wee fence.

We had hoped to find a nice green sunny spot at ‘twilight’ near the island that wasn’t crawling with tourists, cyclists or joggers. We lucked out with a couple of spots that weren’t covered in goose poop.

Josue Laboucane poses for a dapper photo while Jessie tries to get in focus.

The other problem was trying to get the False Creek condos out of the pictures. Or the Burrard Street bridge.

Josue and Nevada work with Julie to get a shot. Great! Note the bridge in the background. Not so great.

After an hour or so (and 200 shots) we came back to the rehearsal hall, tidied up- and then went through the photos we had just taken with some ‘ooo’s, ‘aahhhh’s, ‘awwwww’s – and a few ‘you have to delete that now’s.

Josue, Julie and Nevada brave the Granville Island spray park to get all the props back to the rehearsal hall.

But what came from it was so perfect that we knew it was a great session. Many thanks to Nevada and Josue for being great models, Julie for clear vision, Christine for the loaner Billy the Rebel, and to Carousel Theatre for the use of the fence. We hope you enjoy the fruits of our labour- and trust us that these images capture the spirit, humour and quirkiness of Stewart Lemoine’s The Exquisite Hour.

Josue Laboucane and Nevada Yates Robart in The Exquisite Hour

Josue Laboucane and Nevada Yates Robart in The Exquisite Hour

A little vintage colour... Nevada Yates Robart and Josue Laboucane in The Exquisite Hour



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