Yes, Dr. Horrible is happening in Vancouver. No, NPH isn’t in it.*

Vancouver, BC.

July 15th to July 19th, 2008: The internet is taken by storm.  The Official Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog Website launches all 3 acts of the musical tragicomedy short film over a 3 day period, causing waves of joy and excitement through the web.  Starring Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog brought delight to the people of the internet with its catchy songs, hilarious dialogue and unexpectedly heart wrenching conclusion.

Got it?  Now replace “July 15 to July 19” with September 10 to 19 and 2008 with 2010.  Then replace “short film” with live musical.  Then replace “Neil Patrick Harris” and “Nathan Fillion” with Jon Lachlan Stewart and Shane Snow.  Most importantly, replace “the internet” with the 2010 Vancouver International Fringe Festival!

Jon Lachlan Stewart as ‘Dr. Horrible’ in Broadway West’s 2010 production of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog at Vertigo Theatre, Calgary

Yes, that’s right.  The crazy folks at Relephant Theatre are bringing the beloved Joss Whedon musical Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog to the Vancouver International Fringe Festival, live on stage in collaboration with Broadway West.  Born out of the dull days of the writer’s strike, sci-fi fan favourite Joss Whedon (Doll House, Firefly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and friends joined with actors Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion to create Dr. Horrible, which became an unexpected cult sensation.

This hilarious musical tragicomedy sees young Billy takes on the status-quo as he sets out to change the world under the guise of Dr. Horrible. Aspiring to join the infamous Evil League of Evil, Billy inadvertently introduces his nemesis, Captain Hammer, to Penny, the girl of his dreams.

Dr. Horrible and the Death Ray. You should be scared. Maybe just a little.

Now Relephant Theatre brings a cast brimming with local talent to the Vancouver Fringe to bring the incredibly successful online short film to life, live on stage.  “The brilliance of this musical is that it’s a tragedy disguised as a comedy,” says director Steven Greenfield, who also acts as musical director and sweaty sidekick Moist. “It’s hilarious, whimsical and entertaining, all the while following one man’s descent into evilness accompanied by a kick-ass rock score.” So tweet, blog, email and text away, but however you do it be sure to tell your friends – Dr. Horrible is coming to Vancouver!

Want to buy tickets? Go to the Vancouver Fringe Festival’s website here and in the Find a Show section click Dr. Horrible. Then go get your tickets before they’re gone and you get sad about it.

Broadway West & Relephant Theatre present Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.  Directed and Musical Directed by Steven Greenfield, with Choreography by Shane Snow.  Featuring actors Jon Lachlan Stewart, Shane Snow, Christina Hardie, Steven Greenfield, Jaclyn Rae, Anna Kuman, Kirk Smith, Samantha Currie and musicians Trevor Deck and Julie McIsaac. Set and Lighting Design by Shane Snow. Stage Management by Alex Currie.

Dr. Horrible seeks out his Penny. He's sneaky.

*Though if he’s available for a cameo we won’t say no. Same goes for Fillion, Day or the Whedons.


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