Director’s Notes – The Exquisite Hour

Am I satisfied with what I know?  No.  I hope I never am; I want to keep moving forward, always.  Stagnation scares me, a plateau pisses me right off.  But here’s the catch: change upsets me, too.  So I am thankful for those who challenge me, who ask me what I think, how I feel.  Who encourage me to ask these questions of myself.

To Jessie and Steve, who approached me about directing this wonderfully beguiling script.

To Nevada and Josue, with whom I have enjoyed many hours of trading questions and answers.

To this world of ours, which is changeable to its very core, and cannot help but keep us on our toes.

Working on this show has found me reflecting upon my own exquisite moments; minutes, hours, days that began one way, but ended in a seemingly different world.  It’s true, isn’t it?  There’s no going back, afterwards…  Locations transform, the air is rarefied, the sky’s a different blue, and people, too… Amazing that you can see someone, day after day even, and not really see them.

So here’s to seeing, truly.  To recognizing the possibilities in one another, and to inspiring each other to see more, to become more.  I hope you enjoy this hour.  I wish you many exquisite hours.  And if you have spent an exquisite hour with someone, I hope you tell them so.

– Julie McIsaac, Director of The Exquisite Hour


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