A small thank you to a good man…

Dear Jeremy,

We just wanted to take a minute to send you a little note and to tell you how much we miss you already. We wanted to thank you for creating such an amazing place to work, and for filling it with people that we are proud to call our dearest friends. We will hold our memories of you and that place close to our hearts.

On Tuesday night Julie and Jessie were sitting outside a sold-out performance of The Exquisite Hour, listening to the audience laugh with delight. We shared a smile, thinking- “Wow, this is pretty special, simple and exquisite all on its own.” And thought of you – and how it was because of you we found ourselves sitting in that hallway years later.

Without you, there would be no ‘us’ – the Relephants- so we just wanted to say thanks for giving us all the chance to meet and apprentice under you as an artist, mentor and friend.

With loving thanks,

Jessie, Julie and Steven – The Relephants

For more information on Jeremy Tow and his life and works, please click here.


3 responses to “A small thank you to a good man…

  1. Hello friends,
    Just dropped by the website to check in – and saw this beautiful note. Made me smile and shed a few tears. Congrats on your great success with both shows – Jer would be proud.
    Samantha 🙂

  2. Jer would be proud and happy indeed.. so many thanks for this lovley note. you are wonderful.

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