The Reviews are In!

The Exquisite Hour plays until Saturday, May 12 at the Revue Stage on Granville Island. Shows are 8pm Thurs-Sat and 2pm Sat.

Don’t miss your hour with Helen and Zach – we have your lemonade waiting!

Tickets are available via or by calling 604.629.8849. You can also pick up tickets in person at the Arts Club’s Granville Island Box Office.


The Exquisite Hour is his, and actually small by Lemoine’s often wildlyambitious standards, with just two actors spending an hour in a suburban garden circa 1962. For Relephant, Julie McIsaac directs with what is, well, an exquisite sense of the delicacy in Lemoine’s sweet treat.

Josue Laboucane is Zach, a nebbish who loves to end the day sitting and sipping lemonade laced with a little bourbon. Nevada Yates Robart is Helen, who shows up in his garden unannounced, with an oddball proposition.

Over the next hour, Helen helps Zach emerge from his shell by showing him how even the most arcane knowledge can become a catalyst for conversation. Lemoine’s lovely layer of absurdism lurking just beneath the surface allows the actors a great forum for little bits of physical comedy, and newcomer Robart seems inspired by Laboucane’s wonderful work.” Peter Birnie,

“There’s a moment in Relephant Theatre’s new production, The Exquisite Hour, that’s so utterly, well, exquisite, it takes a few seconds to realize you’re crying. And you don’t want to brush away the tears, despite the stinging as your waterproof mascara blurs your vision and surely eats away at your retinas, because closing your eyes means missing something amazing.– Andrea Warner (@_AndreaWarner),

“Quick, tell all your friends. I found summer! It is hiding inside the Revue Stage of Granville Island in a production of The Exquisite Hour that is so terrifically super that you’ll want to linger and soak in its warmth long after the curtain falls.– Mark Robins (@gayvancouver),

“Relephant Theatre’s The Exquisite Hour is an endlessly charming play celebrating the capacity for a life to change in 60 short minutes. It is a playful, imaginative, and unapologetically traditional piece of theatre that feels like a love letter to the art form from Canadian playwright Stewart Lemoine.” Brian Paterson (@brian_pat, @LauraMurrayPR

“The appeal of The Exquisite Hour lies in its balanced combination of sunny nostalgia and refreshing verbal and physical humour. It’s a warm summer evening–spent with your weird but lovely neighbours. The world’s alright, the lemonade’s cool, and it’s that little kick of something just a bit stronger that makes your hour truly, well, exquisite.” Lauren Kresowaty (@niftynotcool),

“The set and lighting are simple and beautiful and the venue made it really seem like you were spying a little into Zachary and Helen’s lives. You were spending the evening watch two people learn more about each other in the course of one hour like you were part of the scenery…Get out for a date night or head out with your friends for a wonderful evening. You won’t regret it.” – Gwen Floyd  (@GwenFloyd),

“…head on down to Granville Island, pick up a glass of lemonade, and make one hour of your night exquisite with this shot of theatre.” – Alan Woo (@FunFunVancouver),

“Very much enjoyed #ExquisiteHour at Arts Club Revue Stage last night. Would be great to see some full houses through the run.” Marsha Lederman (via Twitter @marshalederman)

“Hard to believe a show can make me laugh til it hurts and brim with tears in 60 sweet minutes. Do your heart a favor: see #ExquisiteHour.” Christine Quintana (via Twitter @Christinequinty), Delinquent Theatre

“Home from opening night & another #ExquisiteHour. If it’s possible I think I loved it even more my second hour. Congrats to all. Beautiful.”Sabrina Everett (via Twitter @theatre_20), Twenty-Something Theatre

“Loved, loved, loved The #ExquisiteHour Like a book so good you have to hug it. See it before it ends Sat!” – Melanie W (via Twitter @melanificent)



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