Ordinary Days – Online Playbill

In an effort to save paper, the Relephants opted to have a playbill available online, instead of using more paper.

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Music and Lyrics by ADAM GWON

ORDINARY DAYS takes place in New York City. Right around…. here.

The performance is 80 minutes in length. There is no intermission.

WARREN Steven Greenfield
CLAIRE Alison MacDonald
DEB Jennie Neumann
JASON Shane Snow

Directed by Julie McIsaac
Set and Costume Design by Jessie van Rijn
Sound Design by Steven Greenfield
Musical Direction by Steven Greenfield & Julie McIsaac
Piano Accompaniment by Julie McIsaac

I’m a big fan of Adam Gwon. His Ordinary Days is a challenge – a challenge to stage, to sing, to play – but it’s also so much like a perfectly-balanced meal (dessert included). The score is clever, raucous, tender, funny, and heart-wrenching. It’s only 80 minutes, and yet it reveals such a range of colourful, idiosyncratic human behaviour. And it’s a generous tale; Gwon writes lovingly.

To me, he is someone who has taken the time to question why people do the things they do, and he seems well aware of the fact that, unfortunately, we often do more out of fear than we do out of hopefulness. But – here’s the important bit – he seems genuinely charmed by it all. In these songs, I hear a warm grin, a bemused laugh, and I sense the sincere wish for each and every one of us to realize the extraordinary nature of our everyday existence.

For, truly: there are no ordinary days (not when you look closely enough), nor are there ordinary people. I mean, paper cuts us. Here we are – beings who can be sliced by mere sheets – and yet we still manage to live, decade upon decade upon decade. We can experience disaster, loss, heartbreak – and yet still laugh at knock-knock jokes.

Life is okay. Listen for it.
-Julie McIsaac




Read his bio here. See his handsome mug here.

Want to know why we like him so much? https://relephanttheatre.ca/2012/12/28/the-music-of-ordinary-days/


1. One By One by One   – Warren
2. Don t Wanna Be Here  – Deb
3. The Space Between  – Jason
4. Let Things Go  – Claire
5. Dear Professor Thompson (Part 1)  – Deb
6. Life Story   – Warren
7. Dear Professor Thompson (Part 2)  – Deb
8. I m Trying  – Jason & Claire
9. Saturday at the Met
10. Favorite Places  – Jason
11. Sort-Of Fairy Tale  – Deb & Warren
12. Fine  – Jason & Claire
13. Big Picture  – Company
14. Hundred-Story City  – Jason, Company
15. Party Interlude  – Claire
16. Calm  – Deb
17. Life Story (reprise)  – Warren
18. Gotta Get Out  – Claire
19. Rooftop Duet / Falling – Deb & Warren, Company
20. I’ll Be Here  – Claire
21. Beautiful  – Deb & Warren

Original Cast Recording available here and here.

Originally Produced in New York City by Roundabout Theatre Company
Todd Haimes, Artistic Director; Harold Wolpert, Managing Director; Julia C. Levy, Executive Director
as part of Roundabout Underground
at the Harold and Miriam Steinberg Center for Theatre

ORDINARY DAYS was presented at the
National Alliance for Musical Theatre’s Festival of New Musicals in 2008.

ORDINARY DAYS was originally produced and performed by
Pennsylvania Centre Stage at Penn State University.

ORDINARY DAYS was first developed by
New York Theatre Barn in New York City in 2007

ORDINARY DAYS is presented through special arrangement with R & H Theatricals: http://www.rnh.com.


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