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Don’t be a Grumpy Guss. $5 Preview Tickets. Get ’em.

See this face?

Grumpy Guss

Grumpy Guss

Yeah. This is you on Friday, January 4 when you wake up and realize that you forgot about Relephant Theatre’s $5 preview for Ordinary Days on Thursday, Jan 3 at 8:0opm.

Seating is limited. Really limited. AND we have tickets for less than a venti Starbucks mochaccino. $5 and you get a gorgeous show.

$5 gets you a seat plop in the middle of New York as we take Adam Gwon’s new musical to soaring heights with four heart-soaring voices, a plucky Yamaha upright being plunked by a punky pianist.

Want in? Go to Brown Paper Tickets and snag your tix for Jan 3 8pm show. Do it now.

If you’re the risky type- wait until the day of. Come to the Carousel Theatre studio at 1411 Cartwright Street on Thursday January 3 between 7-7:45pm and pay $5 cash to get a ticket at the door.

Want more info on the show? Go here…